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original sin - the presumed project of virtual reality
video-installation, photography , 1993 umed virtual reality project  (1994

colour photography: Alicja Żebrowska

see also video (QuickTIme 14,3 MB )


premiere opening (Zderzak Gallery 1994) 20,5 MB

Parochialkirche installation (Berlin 1995) 3,68 MB


We are all initiated into the mystery; and each mystery is a reality There exists nothing but the artist and there is no artist elsewhere


When the mysterious Lord Sphere from the Spaceland enters the Flatland, Mr. Square can only see circles of increasing diameter penetrating into his world. Mr. Square cannot behold the full shape of Lord Square, as he perceives only cross - sections of his person. Lord Sphere invites Mr. Square to visit the Spaceland. When Mr. Square moves in the third dimension, his eyes register only two-dimensional sections of the three-dimensional Spaceland. A cube, for instance, is the a puzzling object for him: it looks like a square within a square, moreover, it continually changes its shape. Mr. Square is so shocked by the meeting with the Spacelanders that he decides to tell his countrymen about his unusual journey. His story is a threat to the stable social order of the Flatland and the authorities find it subversive. Mr. Square is arrested and judged by the Great Council; during the trial he fails to explain the idea of the third dimension. He is given a life sentence, the prison being a line drawn around him. He is ending his days as martyr who has seen the truth. Ironically, Mr. Square could free himself easily, simply jumping from his prison into the third dimension, but this is something far past his understanding.
( By Edwin Abbott's Flatland )


What is it that our faith in the presumed things depends on? Is it our own conviction, the force of the argument of others, or the number of confirmations? The original sin (if we follow the widely known vision) - the first act of evil, which has triggered off all that complication. In Eden, the first people had no need to copulate, as they were individual specimens of the ideal, constants existence. The will to get to know the new, the different, the forbidden, and their mutual, rebellious deed could not have been anything else but coition, which results in the creation of new human beings, and only then is the evil established. Hence it is the act of fertilisation that is the beginning of all evil, because evil exists only in the conflict of interests. To leave this vicious circle I have to draw a new one, also symbolic. Eden, as an unchanging and ideal existence, was the embodiment of stagnation; it was only the original sin that upset the order, and was the beginning of life and development, that is, the Acy of the Highest Good, the Act of the First Movement At the beginning there was a mystery - and development is a strenuous process of revealing it. I am not able to go beyond the line of the next circles. The solution to the problem is beyond our sensual perception, but realising these relations is already a consciousness jump, a step forward. Old myths have became outdated, it is the human being that is becoming a procesual myth, THE CREATING CREATIVE CREATURE


A. Jaros

H. Bohme
Journey into the body. The art of Alicja Zebrowska

M. Gozdziewski
Original sin - The Presumed Project Of Virtual Reality: Marek Goździewski o sztuce Alicji Zebrowskiej


Izabela Kowalczyk

Grzech Pierworodny - Domniemany Projekt Rzeczywistości Wirtualnej Alicji Żebrowskiej. Pomiędzy sztuką a pornografią